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Goals of the Virginia Plan for Higher Education

 Goal1: Provide Affordable Access for All


  • Expand outreach to PK-12 and traditionally underserved populations
  • Improve the college readiness of all students
  • Cultivate affordable postsecondary education pathways for traditional, non-traditional and returning students
  • Align state appropriations, financial aid and tuition and fees such that students have broader access to postsecondary education opportunities regardless of their ability to pay

Goal 2: Optimize Student Success for Work and Life

SPGoal2          Strategies

  • Strengthen curricular options to ensure that graduates are prepared with the competencies necessary for employment and civic engagement
  • Provide effective academic and student services infrastructures focused on persistence and completion
  • Increase on-time completion of certificates and degrees
  • Engage adults and veterans in certificate and degree completion and lifelong learning

Goal 3: Drive Change and Improvement through Innovation and Investment

SPGoal3          Strategies

  • Identify and implement public funding strategies to sustain long-term planning and responsiveness
  • Cultivate innovations that enrich quality, promote collaboration and improve efficiency
  • Foster faculty excellence, scholarship and diversity
  • Enhance higher education leadership, governance and accountability

Goal 4: Advance the Economic & Cultural Prosperity of the Commonwealth & its Regions

SPGoal4          Strategies

  • Build a competitive, future-ready workforce for all regions
  • Become a catalyst for entrepreneurship and a model for business incubation
  • Target funding, resources and partnerships to support research and development
  • Expand participation and engagement in public service & institutional service to the community
  • Demonstrate the impact of higher education on state and regional economic development

Approved by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia 
September 16, 2014, and October 28, 2014

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