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NOTE: This award is no longer available as a "scholarship" for 2018-19.  It has been restructured as a grant to graduating students as they obtain qualified employment.  Program regulations are under development; however, interested recent graduates, recent veterans, or eligible employers can contact Lee Andes at (804) 225-2614 for more information on the program.  For details, see 2018-2020 Biennium Budget, Chapter 2, subsection "I" of Item 141:

Cybersecurity Public Service Scholarship Program

General Description and Purpose

The purpose of the Cybersecurity Public Service Scholarship Program is to support students who are pursuing an education in programs specifically designed for careers in cybersecurity defense. Students who receive the scholarships -- up to $20,000 a year for two years -- must commit to work for the Commonwealth of Virginia for one year for each year they receive a scholarship.

Application Process

The application period for the coming award year will be posted on the SCHEV website and on the applications. Applicants are to submit a completed Cybersecurity Public Service Scholarship Application and Cybersecurity Public Service Scholarship Promissory Note.

Approved applications will be prioritized based on prior receipt of the award, enrollment level (graduate, baccalaureate, associate) and then by the date the application is received. Once institutions verify the approved applicants' enrollment status at the end of the term's add/drop period, funds are applied to student accounts; any excess funds then may be disbursed to students based upon institutional refund policies.



To be eligible, students must:

  • be domiciled in Virginia OR eligible for a military-related exception for in-state tuition;
  • enroll full-time in an eligible program at an eligible institution;
  • be within two years of graduation their degree program;
  • have and maintain a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0; and
  • not have received, or plan to receive, a federal CyberCorps Scholarship for Service.

Institutions and Programs

This scholarship can be used at Virginia public and private regionally accredited nonprofit colleges and universities offering an undergraduate or graduate program in cybersecurity. It can be applied only to accredited degree programs specifically designed for careers in cybersecurity defense. Note that not all computer-science or information-systems programs will qualify; only degree programs listed on are approved programs. Minors, certificates and individual courses do not qualify. 

For more information about cybersecurity in Virginia, visit


A $20,000 annual award will be divided into two $10,000 awards, one for each of the fall and spring terms. Fall-only awards of $10,000 will be considered if a student is scheduled to graduate by December. 

Application Period

The 2018-19 application will be available on this page as of May 1, 2018.


Renewal awards are not guaranteed. Interested students must complete the application process in its entirety each year. An individual may receive an award for no more than two years, depending on availability of funds. 

Post-Enrollment Responsibility

 Award recipients commit to work in Virginia in the cybersecurity field with a Virginia government agency for one year for each year a scholarship is received. If a recipient fails to fulfill the work agreement, the obligation will be converted to a loan. More details are provided in the Cybersecurity Public Service Scholarship Promissory Note.

Participation in this program does not guaranty employment within the state upon graduation nor that qualifying employment will necessarily be within a preferred geographic region of the state. Recipients are responsible to apply for qualifying job openings until hired and it is each state agency’s prerogative to hire the best qualified applicant, irrespective of participation in this program.

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