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2010 IPS Certification Report


    A1a      A1b      A1c      A3      A5a      A5b      A6a      A6b      B2      

Click a measure to review Virginia's public four-year institutions, RBC and VCCS IPS evaluation status.

Measure A.5.b: Degrees per FTE Students

ABBREVEvaluation YearDegreesStudent FTEDegrees per
FTE Students
Four-Year Public Institutions
CNU20109554,5710.2090.190.17 Target Achieved
CWM20101,4615,6920.2570.240.226 Target Achieved
GMU20104,00916,7400.2390.2270.2 Target Achieved
JMU20103,63016,8740.2150.2250.218 Threshold Not Achieved
LU20107613,9520.1930.1940.175 Threshold Achieved
NSU20107774,3680.1780.1570.147 Target Achieved
ODU20102,95514,3610.2060.20.19 Target Achieved
RU20101,7628,0630.2190.2280.201 Threshold Achieved
UMW20109283,9330.2360.2370.228 Threshold Achieved
UVA20103,56014,2970.2490.2450.24 Target Achieved
UVAW20102871,5500.1850.1750.167 Target Achieved
VCU20103,72419,6960.1890.1830.163 Target Achieved
VMI20102901,6260.1780.180.154 Threshold Achieved
VSU20106094,4600.1370.170.16 Threshold Not Achieved
VT20105,18223,7460.2180.220.195 Threshold Achieved
Two-Year Public Institutions
RBC20101651,0150.1630.0480.046 Target Achieved
Note: N/A=Not applicable to the VCCS.
Four-year public institutions=Includes students seeking a four-year baccalaureate degree; RBC=Includes students seeking a Associate degree.